"Plant", we invite you to speak

Engage in a New Communication Language

music of the plants


We know that plants and trees have always been able to communicate on subtle levels by sending out pheromones, inaudible sounds, scent to signal dangers. Through scientific and empirical research, Plant Perception aims to reach a new level of understanding, changing the model from human perspective to the plant world point of view.

Music of the Plants is essentially an instrument that gives sound to plant perception, allowing you to have your own interactive experiences with nature.

Music of the Plants is a form of expression, beauty, and artistry like no other. Nature has many incredible ways of communicating but now with the instrumental midi device that transforms the biorhythms of floral life into a musical performance, there is finally an avenue of expression for the plant world. We are actually able to listen to and interact with our own plants and trees and more importantly, our plants and trees are able to interact with us! It is through these unique and important discoveries that we have become dedicated to exploring our relationship with the environment and re-establishing balance on our planet. By expanding our knowledge of the scientific evidence and exploring the magic of plant perception we are able to establish an important connection with nature like never before.

Scientists have long known that plant life communicates via pheromones and positioning. Researchers have pushed this even further, deciphering and recording floral impulse and interaction and were able to develop a device that, when clipped onto a plant’s leaves and roots, reads electrical variations. These in turn are fed into a MIDI instrument and converted into real time music, which varies based on factors in the environment: proximity to humans, temperature, humidity, and more. Extensive research continues today and we are becoming acutely aware of the innate ability of nature to communicate with us if we have the tools to listen.

Music of the Plants is internationally recognized and has been featured in books, articles, documentaries and recordings around the world.

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