Tridacna Belladonna

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Psychologist and psychotherapist, spiritual healer, teacher of inner growth; her practice spans more than 30 years of a broad scope of healing methods. She teaches in Damanhur University, as well as several associations throughout Europe.

She has resided in the spiritual eco-community of Damanhur since 1989.

psychologist, psychotherapist, Damanhur University instructor, Damanhurian therapist, researcher in the field of evolutionary research:

treatment of pain and alleviation of psychological and physical disorders with Selfic* tools (the slittino and the stiloself) through the energies of Selfica* and the meridians of the microlines that run through the body. Relieves tensions, accelerating the healing of various kinds of disorders and diseases.

dream and personality interpretation with the method of the star drawing

projective techniques to read into the deepest parts of ourselves and know more about ourselves by increasing the connection between our deep aspects and the spiritual

mediumship diagnosis through the Selfic* pendulum

seeking the deep motives for disorders of the body and soul

seeking inner answers through the Selfic* pendulum

a support for moments of difficult choices

healing of the body's organs through direct communication with them through the Selfic* pendulum.

Tarot card sessions
to confront the various opportunities that the future holds with more awareness

* Selfica, ancient knowledge that combines the use of energies and metals to bring about a beneficial influence in all spheres of human life


Tridacna Belladonna

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