Squalo Canapa
Shark Hemp

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Squalo Canapa (Shark Hemp) lives for more than 30 years within the Community of Damanhur, where he was an active part in the establishment of the Community itself, carrying on in a very practical and concrete way his spiritual growth.

He is one of the spiritual healers of our Damanhurian University School and a spiritual resercher who has always been fascinated by the possibility of having a more subtle contact with the world of plants and the one of animals and spirits of nature.

He has devoted much of his artistic energy to the building of the Temples of Damanhur, where as the western initiatory tradition "Freemasons " united spirit and matter in the construction of the architecture of the different places that today are part of the Temples.
In last years he focused his energy on painting and explaining the Damanhurians philosophical principles to guests who often wish to know Damanhur and around the world as an ambassador and teacher of Damanhur. He is also a politician and the municipal council of a small town in the valley is also home to the Community of Damanhur.


Squalo Canapa

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