An introduction to Synchronic Lines

Damanhur synchronic lines australia

What are Synchronic Lines and where is their path over the world?

They are lines of energy that skirt around the Earth, a sort of cosmic nervous system., the result of years of dedicated research undertaken by Falco and Damanhurian researchers, traveling with groups of people all over the planet.

The Synchronic Lines not only cross the Earth, but also form roads of union with the many worlds of this galaxy, connecting near and distant star systems. Damanhurian research has identified a succession of planets on which life has already made an appearance and on which life could evolve in the future.

The course focus on reading together the Australian map of the Synchronic Lines to discover the most energetic points of Australia and share an introduction about this topic.

One day course 




Presentazione e rilassamento
Cosa sono le Linee SincronIche e la loro scoperta
Storia delle L.S. sul pianeta terra


Esercizio di concentrazione e meditazione
Utilizzo delle L.S. e diffusione del pensiero
Accenni a : L.S. e viaggi spaziali-temporali - L.S. e piante---
L.S. e impero temporale
Gruppo di lavoro per l'utilizzo e ricerche
introduzione 2° livello di corso --esercizii a casa