Music of the Plants and Power of the Elements

Music of the Plants and Power of the Elements


Would you like to know how you can hear Plants play music? Damanhur have pioneered a device that converts electrical impulses from a plant into music which we can hear. This device shows us how plants interact with humans and their environment and the unique nature of the different plants from a peppermint bush to a palm. We encourage each participant to bring along a much loved house plant to try out with the plant singing device. We will also be demonstrating the latest plant music machine and its possible applications.

Through the ages our tribal ancestors have always had an affinity for plants and the natural environment – their entire existence depended on what was growing and when, what was edible and what was medicinal. The plant kingdom works in a seamless, symphony of co-habitation with the earth which we don’t often stop to ponder in our everyday lives. In this workshop we will look into the deep philosophy of plant consciousness.

Along with the plant kingdom there are also natural elements that make the planet earth organism – a living, breathing world delicately interwoven and in perpetual motion. In this workshop we will spend time to enhance our connection to the alchemy of primal forces: air, water, earth, fire and ether. How to mindfully connect with each aspect and bring it harmoniously into our lives.

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Sat 30th July and
Sun 31st July 2016

Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 9am to 5pm

Mount Flora Museum,
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