Introduction to Damanhur

 Introduction to Damanhur


Damanhur is an eco-spiritual community located in Northern Italy established 40 years ago. It is a community built with a vision to inspire people to build a better world. Today about 1000 people live together: sharing unique community housing, practicing nature guided spirituality, exploring the arts, creating sustainable business, actively engaging in volunteer community projects, partaking in expansive scientific research and providing healing modalities. Damanhur also houses one of the world’s most unique underground temples, The Temples Of Humankind dug deep into a mountain side, adorned with exquisite art, enchanting mirrors and secret passageways.

In this introduction you will learn: how such a large community was conceived and how its people-centred governance has created such a thriving Damanhur Community; how they have set up their economic and welfare systems and how individuals thrive through service and following their personal path. You will also learn how the amazing underground temples were built. This is a very interactive information session and questions are welcomed.

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