History of Humankind: Atlantis

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The anthropological community has found many discoveries that don’t fit into the mainstream history of humankind. There are artefacts, elongated human skulls, giant skeletons, geometrically perfect buildings and stones structures which date to a time when we assumed human beings to be simple chimp like beings. In this workshop we will explore the legend of the famous civilisation of Atlantis and how it correlates to the society. We will look into the possibility that alien species visited the earth long ago and how their legacy is seen in the structures of the ancient world.

The adventure of  human beings in the universe is much older than what is normally told: the succession of ancient alien and extra-terrestrial colonies and their cultural and territorial influence is the origin of the different evolutionary strands of human seeds on Earth.

In this interpretative key of reality there are many of the answers to the questions we ask ourselves. During the course we will focus on the classic themes of this research. Atlantis, for example, stellar empires, galactic civilizations, alien species with which we have crossed our destinies.

This introduction to the ancient history of Humanity is divided then in many levels of detail.

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